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What Are The Best Bones For Dogs To Chew On?

Do you have a dog that loves to chew bones?If so, your dog is just like pretty much everybody else’s dog. Dogs have been eating bones dating back to before man even considered domesticating them, and they still do today. But you shouldn’t let your dog chew just any old bone. If you do, you could be putting your dogs health risk.

Two rules of thumb to follow that can help keep your dog safe from injuring himself while chewing bones is to never let him chew chicken bones, and to never serve him cooked bones.

The reason for not letting him have chicken bones is because these bones are very brittle and can puncture the stomach if swallowed, which will result in serious complications for your dog.

This is also why you don’t serve him cooked bones. Cooking bones can also cause them to become brittle which and increases the risk of injury. Not only will he be at risk of internal injuries from splintering, he will also be at risk of breaking his teeth, and injuring his mouth and tongue.

For best results, give your dog uncooked raw bones that are pliable and easily crushed in a blender. After blending, you can mix the crushed bones in with your dogs food to add the nutrition found in bones to his diet.

For chewing purposes, you should buy him edible rawhide bones like those found in most pet stores, or meaty bones that have been removed from cattle. These are often available at your local butcher store.

Dogs love chewing on bones, but as you can find out more information here, not all bones are safe. If you plan to get your dog bones to chew on in the future, I hope you will follow the recommendations in this article for your dogs health and well-being.